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911 Board Standards Committee Meeting

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
10:00 am
Banner Elk Room
3514A Bush St
Raleigh, NC

Please notify the Executive Director, Richard Taylor at to ensure available seating. Also contact Mr. Taylor if you would like to participate via webconference.



FY2016 PSAP Funding Reconsideration Form

FY2014 PSAP Revenue Expenditure Report Form

FY2015-2016 PSAP Distributions

Approved Use of Fund List (June 19, 2015 Update)

List of Approved Training Classes

Draft Operating Standards 1/25/2013 pdf

State 911 Plan

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North Carolina 911


Call Statistics   



In 2014 NC PSAPs Answered 7.3 million 911 calls




% of Total

Wireline Calls



VoIP Calls



Wireless Calls



Total Calls





911 Call Statistics for May 2015 May 2014 Comparison
Total Calls Percent of Total Total May 2014 Calls Percent of Total
Wireline Calls 129,719 19.0% 161,755 24.6%
VoIP Calls 48,346 7.1% 40,601 6.2%
Wireless Calls 504,890 73.9% 456,245 69.3%
Total Calls 682,955 100.00% 658,601 100.00%


Updates from the North Carolina 911 Board

911 Board Rules Receive OSBM (Office of State Budget & Management) Approval


OSBM has reviewed the 911 Board Subchapter C proposed rule change (09 NCAC 06 .0101-.0406) in accordance with G.S. 150B-21.4 and with E.O. 70 from 10/21/2010 as amended by E.O. 48 from 4/9/2014. The fiscal note is approved for publication. The pdf file of rule impact analysis is posted on the OSBM website at the following URL in compliance with G.S. 150B-19.1(c).


The proposed 911 Board rules were filed with the Office of Administrative Hearings on May 22, 2015. A public hearing has been scheduled for August 28, 2015 at 10am in the Banner Elk Room at 3514 A Bush Street, Raleigh, NC. Please see the document linked below for more information on the proposed rules.

Click here for information on the proposed rules.



Telecommunicator Recognitions:

The NC 911 Board recognized several Telecommunicators from Randolph County for their work in helping to apprehend a murder suspect on 12/5/2014.  After allegedly killing his wife in Randolph County and dropping two children off at a church, the suspect fled south.  The Randolph County telecommunicators were able to keep up with the suspect’s location by pinging his cell phone enabling law enforcement to apprehend the suspect near the Georgia-Florida line.   Below NC 911 Board Chairman Chris Estes and Executive Director Richard Taylor recognize Randolph County Telecommunicators Lane Richardson, Travis Auman, Jamie Bailey, Dessaree Walter, Traci Allred, Sandy Smith along with Shift Supervisor Janet King with a plaque for their outstanding service.    


Pictured left-right: Richard Taylor, Executive Director, Chris Estes, Chairman, Lt. Janet King, Sgt. Lane Richardson, Telecommunicators Dessaree Walter and Jamie Bailey.


The Board also recognized telecommunicators from Halifax County who handled a train derailment in Halifax, NC on 3/9/2015.  The train struck a tractor trailer stranded on a railroad crossing, injuring approximately 55 people on the train.  Below Halifax Telecommunicators April Shaw, Erica Matthews, Amber Smith, Heather Pleasant, Sheena Brown, Judy Griffin, Jacyln McElwee with 911 Director Heather Joyner receive a plaque from Board Chairman Chris Estes recognizing them for their teamwork during the event. 

Pictured left-right: Jaclyn McElwee, Erica Matthews, Judy Griffin, April Shaw, Henry Hedgepeth, Heather Pleasant, Heather Joyner, and Chris Estes, Chairman.


Click here to view the NC Text to 911 Deployment Status

Map updated April 13, 2015




Line Line

911 Board members are appointed by the Governor, the President Pro Tem of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House. Please choose among these links to learn more about the 911 Board.

Voice Communication Service Providers provide voice connectivity through conventional telephones, VoIP devices, wireless devices, or combinations of those technologies. VCSP information may be found here.

911 calls are received by Public Safety Answering Points, or PSAPs. North Carolina PSAP information may be found here.

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